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Our professional staff is experienced with all types of musculoskelatal conditions. In addition to general physical therapy and rehabilitation, we have developed specific programs including:


While most recreational athletes recover quickly following injury, some require physical therapy to assist recovery. Our goal is to safely return each individual to the previous level of function, as well as providing them with the tools necessary to prevent a condition from becoming a chronic problem. Patients are often involved in the treatment of the following conditions: ACL and/or PCL injury and surgical reconstruction, chronic ankle sprain, low back strain, hamstring tightness or strain, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and other general muscular strains.


Fast Track Physical Therapy offers aquatic therapy as a part of its’ line of rehabilitation services. Aquatic therapy is a beneficial part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Water reduces the effect of gravity and often allows an accelerated rate of recovery. The resistance that water provides enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of aquatic-based exercise.


After an incident of trauma such as motor vehicle accidents, traumatic fractures, shoulder separations, etc., many individuals need some type of rehabilitative care to maximize function and prevent future complications. Goals for therapy following trauma include decreasing swelling and inflammation of joints, decreasing muscle spasm and promoting healing of soft tissue lesions, while preventing scar tissue restrictions and restoring functional mobility, strength and endurance.


Many adults demonstrate significant postural deviations, which may contribute to current musculoskeletal pain and disorders as well as those that are discovered years later in life. Our therapists can evaluate an individual's posture and provide a specific stretching and strengthening program to reduce pain and prevent further postural deterioration. Physical therapy can often assist in minimizing the affects of the following conditions; excessive kyphosis, forward head, excessive lumbar lordosis, rounded shoulders, headaches as a result of poor posture, scoliosis and torticollis.


Some of the patients we treat suffer from a variety of musculoskeletal disorders that compromise their ability to perform daily activities. Often a flexibility and strengthening program utilizing modalities will allow these individuals to function at a higher level. Conditions often treated with physical therapy include: spinal dysfunction, arthritic conditions, patello-femoral dysfunction and post-operative rehabilitation.


Fitness evaluations and programs for those desiring to improve their fitness level are also available. The goal of the fitness program is to assist each participant to achieve and/or maintain a healthy level of fitness in order to maximize functional abilities and aid in the prevention of injuries.


Patients who undergo total joint replacement have unique needs regarding physical therapy. Education is as important as exercise in dealing with rehabilitation following total joint replacement. The physical therapists at  Fast Track work closely with the patient and their family to ensure clear understanding of the goals and expectations throughout the rehabilitation process. Attention to detail during the rehabilitation process helps to ensure the success of a total joint replacement at Fast Track Physical Therapy.


A customized rehabilitation program can be developed based upon the specific needs of each patient. Fast Track uses a background of extensive knowledge to formulate rehabilitation strategies that are appropriate for the individual diagnosis and recommendations from the physician. Some of these include:

• Auto Related injuries

• Work Related Injuries

• Athletic Training

• Balance Deficits Posture

• Post -Operative Rehabilitation

• Aquatic Instruction

• TNS/NMS Rental

• Sports Rehabilitation Programs - including protocols for ACL, meniscal, and patellofemoral conditions of the knee and scapular stabilization, rotator cuff, labrial injury and throwing programs for shoulder pathology.


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